v. & n.
—v. (-ies, -ied)
1 tr. support or hold up, esp. while moving.
2 tr. convey with one from one place to another.
3 tr. have on one's person (carry a watch).
4 tr. conduct or transmit (pipe carries water; wire carries electric current).
5 tr. take (a process etc.) to a specified point (carry into effect; carry a joke too far).
6 tr. (foll. by to) continue or prolong (carry modesty to excess).
7 tr. involve, imply; have as a feature or consequence (carries a two-year guarantee; principles carry consequences).
8 tr. (in reckoning) transfer (a figure) to a column of higher value.
9 tr. hold in a specified way (carry oneself erect).
10 tr. a (of a newspaper or magazine) publish; include in its contents, esp. regularly. b (of a radio or television station) broadcast, esp. regularly.
11 tr. (of a retailing outlet) keep a regular stock of (particular goods for sale) (have stopped carrying that brand).
12 intr. a (of sound, esp. a voice) be audible at a distance. b (of a missile) travel, penetrate.
13 tr. (of a gun etc.) propel to a specified distance.
14 tr. a win victory or acceptance for (a proposal etc.). b win acceptance from (carried the audience with them). c win, capture (a prize, a fortress, etc.). d US gain (a State or district) in an election. e Golf cause the ball to pass beyond (a bunker etc.).
15 tr. a endure the weight of; support (columns carry the dome). b be the chief cause of the effectiveness of; be the driving force in (you carry the sales department).
16 tr. be pregnant with (is carrying twins).
17 tr. a (of a motive, money, etc.) cause or enable (a person) to go to a specified place. b (of a journey) bring (a person) to a specified point.
—n. (pl. -ies)
1 an act of carrying.
2 Golf the distance a ball travels before reaching the ground.
3 a portage between rivers etc.
4 the range of a gun etc.
Phrases and idioms:
1 a light carriage (cf. CARRIOLE).
2 US a car with seats placed sideways.
3 US a large bag or case. carry all before one succeed; overcome all opposition. carry away 1 remove.
2 inspire; affect emotionally or spiritually.
3 deprive of self-control (got carried away).
4 Naut. a lose (a mast etc.) by breakage. b break off or away. carry back take (a person) back in thought to a past time. carry one's bat Cricket be not out at the end of a side's completed innings. carry the can colloq. bear the responsibility or blame. carry conviction be convincing. carry-cot a portable cot for a baby. carry the day be victorious or successful. carry forward transfer to a new page or account. carrying-on (or carryings-on) = carry-on. carrying-trade the conveying of goods from one country to another by water or air as a business. carry it off (or carry it off well) do well under difficulties.
carry off
1 take away, esp. by force.
2 win (a prize).
3 (esp. of a disease) kill.
4 render acceptable or passable.
carry on
1 continue (carry on eating; carry on, don't mind me).
2 engage in (a conversation or a business).
3 colloq. behave strangely or excitedly.
4 (often foll. by with) colloq. flirt or have a love affair.
5 advance (a process) by a stage. carry-on n. Brit.
1 a state of excitement or fuss.
2 a questionable piece of behaviour.
3 a flirtation or love affair. carry out put (ideas, instructions, etc.) into practice. carry-out attrib.adj. & n. esp. Sc. & US = take-away.
carry over
1 = carry forward.
2 postpone (work etc.).
3 Stock Exch. keep over to the next settling-day.
carry-over n.
1 something carried over.
2 Stock Exch. postponement to the next settling-day.
carry through
1 complete successfully.
2 bring safely out of difficulties. carry weight be influential or important. carry with one bear in mind.
Etymology: ME f. AF & ONF carier (as CAR)

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